What can I Do in Taipei

What Can I Do in Taipei

With a population of about 3 million, Taiwan The capital of Taipei is one of the metropolises that must be seen before dying with different cultures, dishes, modern and traditional intertwined texture and moving life. Places to visit in Taipei list I’ll tell you about the city’s sights in the city, but I’d like to start by mentioning the history of the city and a bit of culture. Tamsui River The first inhabitants of the island are the Ketagalan Tribe of the Aboriginal , and then the city and the whole island become the home of the Malay. The city, which came under the rule of China in the 17th century, attracts the interest of the Netherlands and the Spanish. In 1884, Taipei was officially declared a city, but in 1887 it became a state.

Taiwan, which had again dominated China in 1945, remained so until 1950 when it gained its independence and the city still carries the traces of China, Japan and the Netherlands that have ruled it today.

The growing city is known as the second richest city in Asia and the city is the most important electronic products manufacturer and information technology center in the world today. Taipei is an industrial, financial and cultural center where modern skyscrapers and traditional Chinese and Japanese architecture live together. Street food, markets, museums and temples offer a rich choice of visitors to begin to tell the city came to the location. And let’s start our Things to Do in Taipei List.

1. Taipei 101

Taipei World Financial Center also known as the skyscraper has a unique city view, where you can watch the observation terrace.

There are also skyscraper light shows at night.

2. Shilin Night Market

In the Shilin Region is a paradise where you can find jewelry and other souvenirs, but is well known for its street food. You can even spend time in the market where you can find food specific to the city.

3. Taiwan National Museum

The collection contains gold and copper coins, dinosaurs and other animal fossils, different but extremely interesting artifacts, such as documents and visuals that witness the development of the banking system in Taiwan. Taiwan National Museum I would say the most important museum list in Taipei. Founded in 1908 , the museum is also the oldest in the country. The entrance fee to the museum on Xiangyang Street is $ 8 and is open every day of the week.

4. Tinyuan Temple

The most charming temple in the Taipei to-do list Tin Yuan (Tian Yuan) is actually a Taoism temple.

The building itself and the interior decoration are also very nice, but I recommend you to visit this place especially in March. In March, where Cherry Blossom Festival is also present, the temple and its surroundings are much more beautiful in terms of natural beauty, and tourists from all over the world are visiting.

5. Longshan Temple

The city is one of the most important places in the region, which is one of the places you should definitely see because of its historical buildings, narrow streets and unusual atmosphere from the periods of Japanese and Chinese colonies. Dadaocheng Pier , Chen Tian gesi Lai (an old tea workshop), Wang’s Tea (tea house), Zhenwei Tea House , Dihua Street , ArtYard1, ArtYard67, ArtYard2022 houses, Yongle Bazaar, Xiahai Temple and Cisheng Temple. Even if you don’t visit any of them, walking around the streets of Twatua for a few hours is a perfect way to taste the spirit of Taipei.

6. Tamsui Street

Tamsui Street is right next to Keelung Port. Local handicraft stores, boutiques and street crowds are among the activities I would recommend you to experience. Tamsui Street is also an ideal choice for eating and drinking. Especially those who want to try Taiwan street food, beans, fried fish crackers or eggs cooked in different ways should definitely try the snack.

7. Ximending

Let’s go back to the modern face of the city in Taipei.

He’s not calling his street. The chain store and high-end brands are full of boutiques, luxury restaurants and cafes. I recommend you to visit the Ximending Region , which is only available for pedestrians in Taiwan.

8. Beitou Hot Springs and Spa Museum

Paradise on earth Beitou Hot Springs is also the place to visit millions of tourists. In fact the spa museum is an old Japanese bath. On the other hand, what you will see is not limited to this. The most important beauties of this half-day tour are to enjoy the spa, as well as to enjoy the spa and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauties of Beitou, in addition to being an informative trip on the health effects of sulfur and water.

9. Xizhi Star Bridge

Designed and built specifically for pedestrians and cyclists, the Xizhi Star Bridge is one of the city’s most prominent spots, with its modern architecture resembling a microphone.

The landscape has a fascinating beauty, especially in April and May. I suggest travelers who wonder about the natural beauty of the places they visit.

10. Chiufen (Jiufen) Village

Located in the north of Taipei, Jiufen Village is actually a half-day tour. The unique rock formations, fishing villages, provincial farms and lovely tea houses on the coastline are among the most important beauties that this tour promises. Once known as the gold mines in the village today, Spirited Away Oscar-winning cartoon film on the mountain at the foot of the inspiration of the old village houses, narrow historic streets, you can take a break in tea houses and enjoy the natural and historical beauties.

I have a list of places to visit in Taipei, but if you don’t have a guide there, you can do this half-day tour outside of town with MyTaiwanTour.

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