Narven Thermal Town Reviews

Narven Thermal Town Reviews

Narven Thermal Town, which is a very new thermal facility in Bolu Demirciler Village, opens its doors to its guests who want to rest. This thermal town, which serves with timeshare system, looks a bit different and ambitious than the usual thermal. If you wish, you can stay by renting a vacation rental or renting it. We will try to share our comments and impressions with Narven Thermal Town, where we stayed in the summer of 2017.

What is Narven Thermal Town like?

It is evident from every aspect that the facility’s architecture and landscape have been carefully constructed, it has been beautifully built. However, the construction still continues due to the incomplete facility, some places are in dust and trucks are entering and exiting. This can be annoying at times. Again, due to the fact that the facility is not completed, there are not many areas to visit and activities to do. There is a cafe, a small garden, ornamental pools and camellias around it. I think it will have better opportunities when it is completed.

The interiors of the apartments are made of high quality materials, with 2 + 1 apartments in the Narven Thermal Town with 6 adults and 1 child. There are two sofa beds and two armchairs in the American kitchen hall. There is a room with two beds and a bedroom with a double bed. There are lockers in the rooms. There are dining tables in the kitchen and on the balcony. The container for cooking is available in a leak vs. quantity. The pots were very large, unfortunately we had a hard time in that part. The best part is that there is a toaster, even if it is small. In addition, there are necessary electronic appliances such as refrigerator, oven, washing machine, dishwasher and iron in the apartments. There is a TV in both the living room and the bedroom. There is a small toilet and a bathroom. The thermal water tub in the bathroom is very large and very stylish. There are also accommodation options like 1 + 1,3 + 1, villa.

Narven Thermal Town Eating and drinking

If you do not want to deal with food, there is also a restaurant, and you can buy a meal package in the morning, lunch, evening during your stay or you can get the package of the meal you choose. If you do not buy a package, you can go and eat at any time, but the price is more affordable. Since we have a baby, we did not catch up to meal times and never ate at the restaurant, but unfortunately the most criticized place of the facility is its restaurant. Those who go are generally not satisfied.

There is a market in the facility that can meet your basic needs. Prices are quite expensive. It is taken when it is obligatory, but if you bring what you can bring, you may be more comfortable.

Narven Thermal Town Pool and Spa Area

The spa area and pools are composed of two separate symmetrically constructed sections as men and women. Indoor pools are huge and very clean, there is a necessity for bones. There was no annoying crowd when it was summer season when we went. Both thermal and normal pools are available. Spa areas such as sauna, steam room, hammam are also very nice, but you can not enjoy it because our people who use it are very unconscious. They come in and out without knowing the benefits and harm, the doors of the saunas are always open, children in the age group who should not be in that area are running from there. They must urgently bring a 16-year age limit to the spa. There is also a separate gym for women and men. It’s not a big place, but there are enough tools.

Narven Thermal Town Accommodation

If you want to stay, you can book from some holiday sites or you can contact the circuit owners directly from sites such as the owner and rent an apartment. Or you can contact Narven directly and make a reservation through them.

You can contact us with your questions and comments in the comments section.

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