Information about Baby Care

Information about Baby Care

The most important assets of our life are our babies;

If you want the baths that you should have done to your baby frequently on hot summer days to stop being a nightmare, be sure to read our suggestions.

With the right application you will do, you can wash your baby without worry, or even make sure that she can enjoy it.

Afraid of Water?

If your puppy is afraid of water, do not force it. Until you get used to the water, clean it with a towel soaked in hot water. Of course, this suggestion is valid for little babies. If your puppy is a little big, get used to it by taking a few days break from the bathroom section without forcing too much. Meanwhile, do daily cleaning with a sponge soaked in soap and hot water. During the bath, wash with very little water. If his fear still persists, creating games in the bathroom will work. You can try the toys floating in the water.

What should be considered?

Adjust the temperature of the water yourself. Make sure that the environment where you will wash the baby is around 22-33 degrees Celsius.
Undress and undress your baby. Wipe the burrs in your eyes, your nose, your neck with a towel or cotton soaked in hot water, and also clean your face and neck. Then, grab it by the arms, sit it in the tub or basin and continue holding it, and pass the head through the water. Clean your butt and genital organ with cotton soaked in hot water.

Lay it in a towel and wrap it, dry it and tie.

Don’t burn eyes!

Washing the baby’s hair may like it, only on condition that the shampoo does not get into the eyes. Also, you should choose a good shampoo so as not to wear your baby’s hair. If your baby does not like washing his head, take a break for a while and try again. If she is still uncomfortable with her hair washing, you can teach her to cover her face with her hands to protect her eyes from shampoo.

To care for your baby

Pack your hands and fingers frequently. Because nails and fingers create an ideal environment for microbes to settle.


When your baby is moving, his feet get dirty easily and the threads in his socks enter between the toes, therefore, they are the places that should not be forgotten when cleaning the feet.

Ear and behind ear

Use a cotton swab to clean the outside of the ears. Do not try to clean the inner part of the ear, you can damage it. The waxy secretion inside the ear clears itself. Dandruff crusts can form behind the ears. You can soften them with baby oil and clean them with wet cotton.


When washing the baby, make sure that its butt is also cleaned sufficiently.

Genital areas

First, clean the baby’s genital areas with wet baby wipes or a moistened cotton.

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