Indispensables of Sport

Indispensables of Sports

Professional or amateur sport is part of life. Sometimes even more. A must for transverse sport!

1-Herd psychology also benefits!

2-You can beat your opponents!

3-The place you came from is not really important!

4- It is important to follow your competitors closely,

5- Force the limits of physics.

6- You must trust the power within the most difficult moments!

7- Sometimes you find  new ways,

8- And be sure that your followers will be.

9- Can take the game out of the rules,

10- And you can surprise everyone.

11- When you least expect it, something will happen to you!

12- There will be opponents you will adore,

13- But you must always concentrate!

14- After the last dance,

15- You must be the one standing!

16- But if you do sports just to look good, remember that there are easier ways!

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